Meghan McCain is the Last Person who should be the Voice of the Republican Party

Meghan McCain says she fell in love with the Republican Party while campaigning for her father, yet she can’t get the party to conform to her and her wishes fast enough. The GOP isn’t cool or edgy enough, she says. The party needs to purge Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh from its ranks because they’re “offensive” and “dangerous.” I respond in an article in Pajamas Media. Here’s a portion:

What changes does she think the GOP needs to make? It needs to be hip and edgier. She laments the perception that there are no Republican politicians who are exciting enough that anyone would want to wear his or her likeness on a piece of clothing. What a short memory she has. Her father’s vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin, inspired the creation of numerous t-shirts, sweatshirts, and pins with her face on them. She also attracted crowds of tens of thousands at campaign appearances. However, that must be of little consequence to Ms. McCain, since those tens of thousands were the regular folks from the heartland of America who make this country work. They were not the Hollywood types or MTV crowd who wore Barack Obama adorned dresses at mutual admiration societies masquerading as video music award shows.

Ms. McCain also has a dim view of ideological conservatives. She thinks the Republican Party gives too much attention to Ann Coulter, whom she described as “offensive, radical, insulting, and confusing.” Rush Limbaugh is also unacceptable to Meghan, because he is the “extreme right-wing” and “dangerous” for the party — perhaps an unsurprising description in view of Rush’s hesitant and belated endorsement of her father in 2008. So whom does Ms. McCain think Republicans should turn to for political and cultural advice? None other than Russell Brand. A British “comedian,” Brand took time out of his MTV Music Awards hosting duties in September of last year to beg Americans to vote for Barack Obama. He also decided to insult and malign not just Sarah Palin, but her entire family…

And Meghan McCain isn’t just interested in purging conservatives from the GOP. Now she wants to do the same to Twitter as well.

She’s a demanding little girl, isn’t she.

Update: Peter Roff at US News and World Report:

“I think we’re seeing a war brewing in the Republican Party, but it is not between us and Democrats,” Ms. McCain told the Log Cabin Republican Convention. “It is not between us and liberals. It is between the future and the past.” She’s welcome to try, but I think the real issue is for the party to return to its Reaganite, limited-government roots. And the close to 1 million, by some estimates, people who turned out for last Wednesday’s national tax day tea parties seem to agree. They were quite clear they believe they are being taxed, spent, regulated, and borrowed to death by the federal government. And so my advice to Ms. McCain, and to those folks who think she might be right, is to focus on issues that unite us, like taxes and spending, not those that divide us, and then try to prove you know how to win an election or two before telling everyone else what their agendas should be.


Update II: Jim Geraghty notes that Meghan as expressed admiration for another “entertainer” who degraded her father’s former vice presidential running mate:

The latest Tweet from McCain: “I used to have the hugest crush on Eminem when I was in high school and he still looks hot in his new music video!!”

This would be, presumably, the music video in which Eminem depicts himself having sex with Sarah Palin.

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