Because Sphincter Control is so Important When You're a Democrat

Erick Erickson has the low down on Obama’s newest appointee and she’s a doozy:

Barack Obama has nominated Mercedes Marquez to be Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development, Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Will Republican Senators ask her about the following:

The Los Angeles Housing Department has paid thousands of dollars to a Zen Buddhist priest from Hawaii for management training that includes teaching breathing with sphincter control, learning “how to stand” and playing with wooden sticks.

Who hired the Zen Buddhist priest? Mercedes Marquez. Marquez was willing to pay Norma Wong, a former legislator from Hawaii, $18,819.00 for the sessions.

Another attendee described how executives were asked to encircle Marquez with their backs to her while holding their sticks, saying they were instructed to imagine that they were shielding their boss from opposing forces such as City Council members or other departments.

And the media went apoplectic when they learned that Sarah Palin, while at her church and not at work, asked the congregants to pray that our troops in Iraq were doing God’s will.

But that’s not all that’s wrong with Marquez:

Marquez is alleged to have purchased a condominium for herself and her partner in a building Marquez’s department financed.

She is alleged to have promoted her partner several times outside Los Angeles’ civil service rules.

And there’s much more. Head over to Red State and find out why the Republicans need to raise a stink about Mercedes Marquez.

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