Cheney to Obama: Declassify the Docs that Show Tough Interrogation Worked

Drudge has some of the comments Dick Cheney made in an interview to be aired on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show that pertain to Obama’s releasing of the memos that listed what tough interrogation techniques the CIA used against terrorists. Cheney formally asked the Obama administration also declassify the memos that showed how successful those techniques were:

“One of the things that I find a little bit disturbing about this recent disclosure is they put out the legal memos, the memos that the CIA got from the Office of Legal Counsel, but they didn’t put out the memos that showed the success of the effort. And there are reports that show specifically what we gained as a result of this activity. They have not been declassified.”

“I formally asked that they be declassified now. I haven’t announced this up until now, I haven’t talked about it, but I know specifically of reports that I read, that I saw that lay out what we learned through the interrogation process and what the consequences were for the country.”

“And I’ve now formally asked the CIA to take steps to declassify those memos so we can lay them out there and the American people have a chance to see what we obtained and what we learned and how good the intelligence was, as well as to see this debate over the legal opinions.”

Former vice president Dick Cheney’s two part interview with Sean Hannity begins tonight at 9:00pm on the Fox News Channel.

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