Sarah Palin's Speech to Indiana Pro-Life Group

Last night Sarah Palin spoke at a Right to Life dinner in Indiana. She delivered a moving, emotional, and compellingly personal speech, and without a teleprompter I might add, that demonstrated why the Left in the Democratic party and the media were terrified of her. In it, she talked about finding out she was pregnant at an oil and gas meeting in a different state and how for “a fleeting moment” thought about “changing the circumstances.” Because of her experience, she has much greater insight, compassion, and empathy for women and girls who are scared and tempted by abortion when they find out they are faced with an unexpected pregnancy . Mynameiswhatever was kind enough to post the governor’s entire speech on YouTube for you to watch. I recommend taking out the time to sit down and watch it because she has many very interesting things to say.

Keep an eye on Sarah Palin because I believe she will continue to have a place in our national politics, and that will be a benefit to our country.

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