Barack Obama Laughs it up with Hugo Chavez

First he bows to the Saudi king and now he’s laughing it up with socialist dictator and America hater Hugo Chavez. Take a look at this picture:


Yahoo News has a lot more images of their meeting where you’ll see them yukking it up and Barack slapping Hugo’s back like it’s old home week. This kind of buddy behavior with Chavez does nothing helpful for United States; in fact, it probably hurts us in the eyes of the rest of the world as Obama again makes himself, and by extension the US, look weak, meek, and eager as a puppy to please as Sarkozy has discovered. But it goes a long way to help Chavez.

Update: Andy McCarthy at The Corner reminds us that Obama already had a connection to Chavez through radical leftist and Chavez admirer William Ayers.

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