Susan Roesgen: Leftist Masquerading as Objective Journalist

We all saw how hostile Susan Roesgen was toward the Americans who participated in the Chicago Tea Party yesterday. She was especially offended by a sign that said Obama was a fascist.

Interestingly, Michelle Malkin found this 2006 post at NewsBusters that shows how unoffended Roesgen was at the giant Bush is both Hitler and the devil mask at a Hurricane Katrina protest:

Does President Bush resemble Adolf Hitler and Satan? That seemed to be the implication during the 9am half hour of CNN’s American Morning. A protester wearing a George W. Bush mask, complete with a colored in Hitler-esque mustache and red horns attached to the forehead was deemed a Bush “look-alike” by reporter Susan Roesgen. In her report on how the bureaucracy at FEMA is delaying federal funds for rebuilding New Orleans, Roesgen highlighted a group of female Catholic school students demonstrating for money to repair the city’s levees. The students, as Roesgen noted, “hoped the President would stop by” the protest. It was then that the demonstrator wearing the Bush mask was highlighted on camera, while Roesgen narrated, “But while a look-alike showed up with a wad of cash, Mr. Bush did not.” The “wad of cash” in the demonstrator’s hand was actually several phony dollar bills mocking the Bush administration.

It’s not a shock that Roesgen is a leftist. What is shocking that she actually thinks she can get away with portraying herself as an objective journalist.

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