Personal: Prayer Request

My newest niece could use some prayers right now. Kate was recently adopted from China by my sister in law Karin and her husband Jeff. She has a rare heart condition where her heart is upside down and on the opposite side of her chest. They knew this about Kate when they adopted her. In fact, they wanted her even more because of her condition.

Well, Kate had open heart surgery on Monday. She’s stable, thank God, but her vessels are leaking fluid badly and the doctors are having a hard time getting all her meds into her. She really could use some prayers if you’re so inclined.


You can keep up on Kate’s condition at Karin’s blog Our Treasures from Afar.

Each of Karin and Jeff’s kids has a story that’s interesting, but Kate’s is particularly amazing.

Last year when Karin and Jeff were assigned Zoey for adoption, they were aware of little Kate, who was in a separate orphanage from Zoey’s and in a different part of China. Since Kate had not yet been assigned an adoptive family, they put in a request to adopt her as well for fear she would not get the immediate care and treatment she needed. Amazingly, China approved their request and allowed the two girls to be adopted at the same time, something that is simply unheard of in that country.

Kate has been home for a few months now and is thriving. We’d like to keep it that way, so any prayers you can offer Kate are greatly appreciated.

Update: My husband and I were just talking about Kate and her condition when he told me something I didn’t know before. Kate was operated on while she was still in China, and the Chinese doctors butchered her heart, which is why she is in such bad shape right now. Now, I’m more than worried. I’m angry.

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