Obama and The Spanish Back Pedal On Torture

It’s been a bad day for the Bush Torture Meme Machine. First came news that there would be no Spanish Inquisition II:

MADRID – Spain’s attorney general has rejected opening an investigation into whether six Bush administration officials sanctioned torture against terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay, saying Thursday a U.S. courtroom would be the proper forum.

Then President Obama announced that he would not support prosecution of CIA interrogators that were sanctioned by Bush legal advisors:

The Obama administration pledged Thursday not to prosecute CIA employees who carried out aggressive interrogation practices approved by top legal officials in the Bush administration.

The promise came as President Barack Obama resolved a contentious debate within the administration by authorizing the release of large parts of four Bush Administration legal memos detailing war-on-terror interrogation techniques that some have decried as torture.

Andrew Sullivan is seriously upset (seriously) that his list of usual suspects hasn’t opined on the matter as of 7PM EST:

16 Apr 2009 07:27 pm
For The Record
No mention of the torture memos appears right now on the Drudge Report (which provides news of a prank at Dominos pizza), Instapundit (which mentions the new DVD for the Lord of The Rings trilogy), Pajamas Media, or Michelle Malkin. They are reacting to the evidence of war crimes committed by the president of the United States the way they did at the time the crimes were committed.

Funny that. No war crimes were committed. And the President’s heated campaign rhetoric about torture seems to be just that…rhetoric. So the day after the Tea Parties the Left wakes up with not just a hangover but also news that President Obama sides with President Bush on extreme interrogation methods. And the Spanish refuse to indict the Bush Six.

Say ain’t so, BO.

Update: Gnashing of teeth at the HuffPo. Here’s a good one:

I’ve been proud of my country for 90 days.

I’m back to being ashamed.

Read the whole thing.

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