And Now For Something Completely Different… Susan Boyle

A reader wrote to me last week wondering if we’d be continuing the American Idol recaps we’ve done in previous seasons. I wrote back and explained that nothing about this season really moved me to invest the time in doing the weekly posts, but I’d see if I could get motivated. Alas, American Idol was as uninspiring this week as it has been in previous weeks, so much so that I canceled the results show recording on the DVR in favor of another show . I guess it’s just not going to happen for me this season with American Idol…

All of which leads to the much more interesting discovery the first episode of Britain’s Got Talent – 47 year-old Susan Boyle. She appears to be standard delusional reality show fodder as she enters the audition – the disheveled crazy lady who wants to make a spectacle of herself on television. Her pre-song interview only reinforces the potential disaster that awaits.


Then she begins to sing (watch the video), and the rest is history…

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