Time to Party Tomorrow

In my column at Townhall I list a few reasons to attend a Tax Day Tea Party in your area this week. Here is Doug Powers’ reason for attending:

For me, these tea parties are about putting an end to waste. Not the waste of money (though obviously that’s a major concern), but rather the tragic waste of American ingenuity, innovation, creativity and philanthropy.

Think about the monumental efforts in both time and intellect that are wasted in order to satisfy insane government demands.

I attend the tea parties as a way of showing that it saddens me to know that people who might have otherwise cured a horrible disease, designed grand buildings, created art and music, invented a car that runs on kumquats that people actually want to buy, expanded their businesses, explored the farthest reaches of the universe or had more time to devote to charity are now spending most of their energy trying to figure out a way to write off their lawnmowers as dependents.

It’s a waste, and it’s an insult to those who helped build this great nation, and to those who have died defending it.Read my column for links to information about a tea party near you.

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