If this had happened six months ago …

(FoxNews Image)

Had the daring rescue of Maersk-Alabama Capt. Richard Phillips occurred while George W. Bush was in the Oval Office, I’m pretty certain that The New York Times, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Democrat Underground, Daily Kos, and other points within the JournoList axis would be furiously posting headlines and discussions like these:

  • Mission Not Accomplished – Tugboat Hostages Remain
  • Did Captain Phillips’ Reckless Conduct Precipitate An Unnecessary Firefight?
  • “America Only Takes Care of Its Own” – Family of Tugboat Hostages Angry, Fearful
  • House Democrats Question Use of Entire Navy Tactical Force To Rescue Single Hostage – “Obviously there is room for cuts,” one Democrat says
  • “Gun Barrel Diplomacy” Not The Way To Solve Piracy Problem, Clinton Says
  • World Civil Rights Groups Support US Restitution for Hijacker Deaths
  • MoveOn.org Urges Investigation Into Alleged Maersk Alabama-Halliburton Ties
  • Was This “Hijacking” An Inside Job?
  • Deadly Attack Angers ‘Arab Street’
  • Experts Say Increase In Piracy Likely After Escalation Of Violence By America (okay, something like this has already been published)

Have I missed anything?

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