Crisis or merely a distraction?

Our good friends over at Wizbang Blue have declared the Somali pirate kerfuffle to be the first major international crisis for Obama. Meanwhile, Reuters has declared that Pirates pose annoying distraction for Obama. So is it the administration’s first major international crisis or merely an annoying distraction? Don’t bother asking our rudderless Appeaser in Chief – so far he’s been silent on the issue. Although I get the feeling that in his steel trap-like mind he’s wondering “Why can’t I just eat my waffle?”

Lest you fool yourself into believing Obama’s silence is indicative of weakness and confusion, you can rest assured as the Obama Team Mulls Aims Of Somali Extremists.

Similar debates over how to deal with perceived threats in countries where the United States is not at war occurred during the Bush administration, which on several occasions canceled strikes because of insufficient evidence or concern about inflaming the local population and making a politically explosive situation worse. The newness of the Obama administration, one senior military official, has slowed the decision process even more.

They are “walking slowly,” the official said, “and for the players with continuity, the frustration continues to grow.”

But many on the national security team insist that it is their caution and willingness to consider all aspects of the situation that differentiate them from the overly aggressive posture of the Bush administration that they say exacerbated the terrorist threat.Thank goodness we’ve turned the page on the overly aggressive posture of the Bush administration exacerbating terrorist threats to a new era of pirates now comfortable with seizing US flagged vessels sans the threat of immediate and punitive ass whipping. Now we can address the root causes of Somali terrorism and forge a lasting peace free of nuclear weapons. Then we can buy the world a Coke and teach it how to sing. Maybe we can start with that old psalm “What a friend we have in Jesus Obama…”

God help us if Obama does view it as a crisis. Because you know what a crisis means to this administration – a massive infusion of stimulus dollars. Should they choose to decline the high-paying, unionized jobs weatherproofing and blowing insulation into the attics of Somali schools or rebuilding Somalia’s crumbling infrastructure we can at least take solace in pirates grudgingly forced to take to the high seas in hybrid skiffs. Hooson already beat me to the parody punch by demanding gun control for Somali pirates. Today is Easter Fools Day, right? You got me, Paul.

I hate to bring cost/benefit analysis into something as complex as piracy, but for what it would cost the US (as with all UN resolutions we’d get stuck doing the heavy lifting) to chase and seize weapons from pirates we could equip all US flagged ships with a fore and aft M167 Vulcan.

Until Obama speaks on the matter we won’t know if Somali pirates are a “worst x since x” or “Just let me eat my waffle” moment. If he holds true to form it will likely conclude with Obama apologizing for America’s arrogance over the use of international waters and a call for diplomacy. Those Somali pirates had best brace themselves for a salvo of sternly-worded letters.

Happy Easter
Somali Pirates Seize an American Tugboat