Obama’s Silence on Pirates Holding American Hostage

I saw earlier today that when the media asked President Obama during a event on refinancing for homeowners about Captain Phillips being held hostage by Somali pirates, he responded by telling the press that he wanted to stay on topic and discuss only housing.

I understand if those who are working on the negotiations advised the president to not comment on the situation until it is resolved, but that does not preclude the president from making some kind of statement acknowledging the situation and offering his well wishes. Maybe he could have said something like, “I can’t comment on the situation as it is still ongoing and being handled by our very best men and women expertly trained in matters such as this one, but my and Michelle’s thoughts and prayers are with Captain Phillips and his family.”

How would that have done anything but reassure the captain’s family and the American people that President Obama was aware of the situation and that he cares about those affected? Instead, he blew off the questions in a cavalier manner, making it look like he simply didn’t care enough to even acknowledge it. His bad handling of this situation shows once again his terrible lack of experience.

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