Hey Now!

Howdy, Wizbangers!

Haven’t been around much lately. I know, you didn’t notice.

It’s been a bit of a hectic time around here, what with my new-found fame and all.

What’s that? You don’t know what I mean?? Well, siss on you, pister!!

I actually got a mention at the Daily Kos!

No, really! No bullshit! THE Daily Kos!! The one time I googled myself (mmmm.. Gooooogle..),((no really, just once)) I found that one of my humble web-postings got excoriated by a creature named “Verbalpaintball”.

He/She/It actually called me a “Neo-con”! (Giggle!). That’s with a capital “N”. Ohhh yeah. RIGHT there, baby!

I, your humble web-posting, good-time Rock and Roll hootchie-coo color me mauve and slap me thrice up side me wee noggin, harmless, hairy, right-wing correspondent FINALLY made it to the liberal big time.

Ahhh, Verbalpaintball..

Just rolls off your tongue like a milkshake off a long-shoreman’s back. And so very confident using his real name! Mr. or Mrs. or Miss Verbal P. Ball. Yup, I can finally retire. This has to be the pinnacle of my blogging adventures.

I’m still not through soiling myself..

I may print it and frame it. Or at least put it in my favorites. Well, maybe I’ll just sit here and drool.

Or I may just write a meaningless post about it.

Cause, you know, that’s what we neo-cons do.

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