President Obama’s Dangerous Foreign Policy

President Obama continues his week long European apologia. After failing to get a commitment from any NATO ally for combat troops in Afghanistan this week the President will speechify about can’t even get his facts right on this issue:

President Barack Obama on Sunday launched an effort to rid the world of nuclear weapons, calling them ”the most dangerous legacy of the Cold War” and saying the U.S. has a moral responsibility to lead as the only nation to ever use one.

Pardon me Mr. President, but the most dangerous legacy of the Cold War is Russia, the same Russia that routinely demonstrates a disdain for America’s established record of “moral responsibility” in world leadership. It is this moral leadership that has resulted in freedom and liberty in regions of the world that have long suffered from Russian hegemony. Failing to acknowledge this (publicly or privately) is a problem that will only worsen in light of the President’s empty rhetoric and lack of any “portfolio” on the matter of force projection and protections of freedom.

The legacy media that learned nothing from foreign policy successes dating back to the Reagan administration focuses instead on Mr. Obama’s strategy of leading with the weak hand. Why else would the New York Times devote an entire opinion piece to the President’s willingness to shake a policeman’s hand in London on the same weekend the North Koreans launch a ballistic missile? There exists a complete disconnect between the realities of a dangerous world and the priorities of an obsequious press that is blind to the inabilities and shallowness of a President that obviously is in well over his head on his first foreign trip.

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