Obama Budget Passes Congress

Congress passed the President’s 3.5 trillion dollar budget yesterday. No Republican voted for the measure but twenty House Democrats and two Democrat Senators voted against the legislation.

While Republicans have yet to articulate a coherent and effective message to their base it is marginally encouraging to note that House and Senate minority leaders are maintaining some discipline in the ranks by opposing these spending monstrosities. At some point the structural deficits in these budgets will inflate the U S economy in a manner unseen since the early 1970’s. If fiscal sanity is to ever again find a place in the electoral dialogue Republicans must make certain voters believe that they will not make the same mistakes that cost them majority control in 2006.

Courtesy of Zero Hedge I offer the following recap of discussions that must be dominating the conference rooms of the Democrat Caucus:

Update: Well, I missed this:

Please pass Al Gore a Valium — and better make it a double — because his cap-and-trade dreams just took a dive in the U.S. Senate. In a vote late Wednesday, no fewer than 26 Democrats joined all 41 Republicans to insist that any new cap and tax on carbon energy would require at least 60 votes.


Though the press corps has barely noticed, this means that two of President Obama’s most economically destructive priorities have taken major hits in the last two weeks. The cap-and-tax collapse follows Pennsylvania Republican Arlen Specter’s decision to oppose Big Labor’s attempt to eliminate secret ballots in union organizing elections. If Mr. Specter holds firm, and as swing state Democrats also look for cover, Republicans will be able to prevail on a filibuster.

It turns out there actually was a pony in that pile of manure.

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