One of Osama bin Laden’s stated goals for bringing down the United States was “bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy.”

Looks like bin Laden need not be a part of this goal after all.

While power hungry Democrats and leftist radicals like Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and yes, Barack Obama run amok, fomenting institutional change, there is nothing left in our coffers for our enemies to leech.

We are almost $10 trillion in debt. Spending money we don’t have to prop up failed industries, robbing them and the market of their ability to take a natural course of change, or a natural course of elimination. Trying to outwit the capitalistic system by throwing fake money at it, printing more and more, devaluing everything we have left, is not the answer to our problems.

Now, our very future is based on credit, and we’ve seen just how easily this fragile house of cards can be rocked by such insidious and reckless “change”.

The Obama regime is meddling in just about every major industry it can get its sticky little fingers into.

Financial, auto, health care, the growing industry of “climate change”, all are under attack from this administration. Attempting to indelibly intertwine itself into the fabric of their existence so as to be a perpetual force in the administration and direction of these institutions, thereby altering our course and the future course of generations to come.

And it’s only been 2 months.

This governmental thirst for institutional power is unparalleled in our young history. It is scary. And it is wrong.

Along with this institutional savagery comes a great expense of treasure. Our treasure. It is a form of taxation with little representation. The forces of corrupted power are now so great in this government that it has become the most remarkably influential peacetime era in our history.

Hope and change, without the hope.

Our future, near and far, as a free capitalistic society is being challenged, and in some cases, systematically ripped apart, in almost every conceivable way, in both foreign and domestic matters, financial and societal, freedom and choice.

Will we let this great nation fall to the power hungry political aspirations of a few zealots on our watch? Bled to death from within? Will we sit idly by while the halls of power fill with the stench of rotting ideals and rotten aspirations, dashing the hopes of a once powerful and prideful nation? Or will we rise up and declare with one voice “Enough!”.

We cannot look to our current “leaders” for answers and noble judgments. We must look within. We must regain the moral high ground and not give one inch, one moment, or one more piece of our nation’s prideful purpose. A purpose, fought for and fostered, by generations of remarkable insight, and unmatched wisdom. One which has been the envy of all.

We must now be a new generation of the remarkable and insightful.

We must rise up and say “Enough!”.

We reap what we sow. Let us not continue planting putrid seed in a rotten soil, watered with the wasted sweat of our hard work.

It is time to take this country back.

Back to a time where the future was created by the will of a noble people, individualistic in nature with a strength and fortitude unmatched in the history of the world.

It is time to rid ourselves of fake water-walkers and snake-oil salesman. No more style over substance, or deception over truth.

The prospects of failure at this juncture in time are too great to fathom.

We must start now.

We must not fail.

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