Tea Party Update

Michelle Malkin has posted an updated roundup of tea party links and information including a link to the Nationwide Tea Party protest website (find your closest tea party there) and the #teaparty Twitter feed. She even has links to graphics you can download for signs to take to the rallies. Check Michelle’s post for lots of other info, including the good news that the Cape Coral FL Tea Party, reportedly canceled over the weekend, is back on again.

Update: 5:53 p.m. EDT Glenn Beck has a tea party report on right now on Fox News.

Update II: When liberals protest, carrying signs saying things like “We support the troops when they shoot their officers,” they are noble and patriotic. When two dozen people show up for an anti-war protest they received mega media coverage. The same cannot be said for conservative rallies or protests. One commenter responded to the tea parties saying “the ‘tea party’ grassroots idea: cribbed from the Ron Paul campaign oevre, but now converted into group therapy and class validation for the benefit of gun-shy Republican City Hall-types just in time for spring. A networking opportunity disguised a community theater.” If the media starts covering the tea party movement liberals are going to start worrying. If that comment is any indication, they already are.

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