Little Girl Saved as a Result of Natasha Richardson’s Death

This story about a little girl whose life was saved because her parents heard about Natasha Richardson’s death is something every parent should read.

A young girl in Ohio who suffered the same brain injury as Natasha Richardson is alive today because her parents took her to the hospital after hearing about Richardson’s brain injury and death.

CNN reports that Morgan McCracken, 7, was hit in the head with a baseball during a game with her dad and brother in the family backyard. The girl’s parents iced her injury, and she seemed fine for two days, even getting an A on her spelling test.

Morgan’s mom and dad, Connie and Donald McCracken, learned of Natasha Richardson’s accident, in which she injured her head but was lucid and talking afterward, and wondered if their daughter was truly OK following the baseball accident, CNN reports. That night, Morgan began complaining of a headache, so the family ventured out to the emergency room. Morgan was in such bad shape by the time they got there that she had to be transferred to a children’s hospital by helicopter, where she was immediately taken into surgery, according to CNN. Follow the link to read the rest.

Update: This CNN story includes a picture of the little girl.

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