Grace Under Fire: AIG Employee Schools His Boss And Congress

Good for Jake Desantis. The AIG executive resigned and wrote this letter to his boss Ed Liddy. The entire letter is a very well written and devastating critique of the mob mentality that consumed Congress last week.

Some key points of the resignation letter are:

  1. Many of the bonus recipients had absolutely nothing to do with the problems that caused AIG’s demise.
  2. Many of the bonus recipients passed up other job offers in less politically polarizing situations to honor their contracts with AIG, only to find the bonuses that were offered to reward this sacrifice taken away.
  3. The author of the letter, Jake DeSantis, makes the brilliant point that he will be donating his bonus to less fortunate folks who have suffered in the economic downturn. But he will not return the money to AIG because he wants to make sure his donation goes where he wants it to have the best effect.
  4. The only real motivation anyone has to work at AIG now is fear, the inevitable product of government coercion of the individual (manifested in AG Cuomo’s and Barney Frank’s threats to “name and shame”).

This letter is a dramatic put down of the Washington ruling elites as well as the ACORN thugs that invaded the neighborhoods of AIG employees last weekend.

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