Late Night Ruminations

Too big to fail.

An unfortunate, annoying catch-phrase which has sunk into the lexicon of modern day political discourse.

What does it mean? To what does it refer?

What, really, can be “too big to fail”?

Companies? Used to be that if a company failed, that was it. You didn’t change with the times, the fluctuations, the market circumstances, and you could kiss your ass goodbye. AIG is supposedly too big to fail. Why? Because Obama, Pelosi, and Reid say so? Does anyone believe that a company with an 80% government ownership is really going to survive? Failure is the most likely option for this entity, no matter how much money the government throws at it.

Ideology? Can an ideology be too big too fail? One born out of hate? One which uses violence and indiscriminate murder throughout the world, with ugly rhetoric and a warped book as it rational?

Human creations? We’ve all marveled at the height and size of our structures. Felt they were wondrous works of human ingenuity. But even our biggest and best fell, some to the evil from those with the purposes of the above mentioned. Bridges, machines, ships. All forms of these human endeavors have failed for one reason or another.

All this teases a question: Is Obama too big to fail?

A larger than life figure for much of the past 2 years. A juggernaut of a politician who has mesmerized millions, talking his way into their psyche, making it all the way to the top of the political food chain. “The Messiah”. “The One”. “The Great Uniter”. He would set things on the righteous path: with the people, with the economy, the nation, the world, even the Earth would be healed.

Hope and change was his mantra. A great slogan. But into what has it evolved? Hope has dwindled a bit. Sure, there are those who still have blind faith in his words. Not as much as there used to be. Obama won with a hopeful message, but false hope is all we’ve been shown.

Change? Well, he’s certainly accomplished that. He, along with his toadies Pelosi and Reid, have, in two months, shoved this government so far to the left, I believe even Obama is surprised at what he’s been able to get over on us all. He cares not if we know or approve of this change, because they have the power. And that is all that matters to them. They are using that power in a most expedient method, using meaningless diversions to keep us from focusing on the profoundly dangerous change they are instituting.

Is he too big to fail?


Even though the people have been blinded by this untested, manipulative charlatan, having elected him under false pretense with a destructive Marxist lineage, change, real change is not yet impossible.

And it won’t be his doing.

I believe there is only one force on this Earth that is too big to fail.

WE own this country.

WE put these arrogant, pompous asses in their positions, and WE have the power to get them out.

WE are the only ones truly too big, too strong, and too proud to fail”.

And we must waste no time in showing that to be the truth.

2010 is the start. The awakening of the only institution too big to fail is fast approaching.

-“We, the People..”

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