Does This Man Ever Govern?

Watched the first 2 parts of the 60 minutes interview with Barack Hussein Obama.

It was tough. Despite being branded as an outstanding orator, when he’s not having a one person discussion with his teleprompter, he is one boring dude.

Again, in his narcissistic way, he laughed at his own jokes.

I think, perhaps, he should stop trying to be humorous.

It is very apparent that he is not a naturally funny individual. Doesn’t really matter, unless you try and push it, which is exactly what he does.

Bizarrely, he giggled like a school girl at the answers he was giving to serious issues. I honestly thought he was huffing some nitrous oxide during cut-aways.

I thought the most interesting point of the entire interview was when he gave his answer about the job security of Tim Geithner, who looks like a cross between a leprechaun and the Snow Miser. It was a yes or no question, and the only one in which his head nodding did not match his answers. He said no, but nodded yes when asked if there were any discussions about Timmy leaving. Go ahead and watch the interview. Not ONE other time did this occur. Very telling.

Why would he let him go? He’s the perfect dupe. Already branded incompetent, calls for his resignation, damaged goods. Takes the heat off Obama.

I thought his funniest line was when he said “You can’t govern out of anger”. Ummm.. So I guess all your angry rhetoric involving corporate CEOs, private jets, and AIG bonuses was you just funnin’ with us all, huh?

His remarks regarding V.P. Cheney’s correct assessment of the Guantanamo situation were naive. He clearly wants to treat these terrorist with a law enforcement mentality.

The fact, as he states, that we have not convicted one terrorist from Gitmo is irrelevant. The point of Gitmo was to gain as much knowledge regarding the threats, intelligence, and structure of Al Qeada as possible.

You know, doing the responsible thing?

As I said, it was tough to get through.

If you were bold enough and had enough caffeine or coke in you to sit awake through it, please let us know what you thought.

I’m gonna go watch part 3. I need a nap.

(Link to interview)

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