Some More Late Thoughts

I wrote this a couple days ago and, for various reasons, forgot to post it until now. It’s a little dated, but I figured I’d throw it up here anyway.

Just got finished watching Obama on the Tonight Show via YouTube.

The outpouring of applause and excitement from the audience was over the top, just like at his “townhall” rallies hours before. You’d think the reaction from the audience would be a bit more subdued, considering the chaos that is the Obama administration, however, this was out on the left coast, so he was in his radical element.

One thing that jumped right out at me was his annoying propensity for laughing at his own jokes. He displayed the same pathetic tendency at the Al Smith dinner last year, where John McCain road all over him.

This is a hallmark of a true narcissist. It also suggests most of his answers and jokes were scripted.

Another narcissistic tendency is telling a group of people what they think, as in “the American people want us to do this or that”, or “the American people believe”. This was on display throughout the entire day. Please don’t presume to tell me what I think or believe.

Of course, the first “puff” issue Leno offered up to Obama was that concerning AIG. He said that Obama looked “angry” when he spoke of the AIG bonus diversion. This allowed Obama to dive into his perverted version of what he wants people to believe happened, ending in a snort-worthy comment stating that we need to get back to some basic “values”.


All in all, it was a lame performance. The “funny” parts were scripted, and the serious parts were retreads of the same lame talking points that we’ve come to expect from him and his administration.

And for all the talk of what an inspiring speaker he is, every time he speaks off teleprompter about anything for more than a few seconds, it’s like being put into a nap room, for his signature speech impediments surface. His voice goes to a low monotone, he begins his stammering “uhhhs” and “ummms”. I couldn’t imagine listening to an audio-book he’s published and spoken on.

His one major unscripted gaff, the “Special Olympics” joke, was tasteless, and shows just what a boorish snob he truly can be.

That was not “a mistake”. That’s the way he views these people. To him, they are just a punchline.

And as for his apology to the head of the Special Olympics, it was billed as a “teachable moment”. The head of the Special Olympics: Tim Shriver. Shiver of Kennedy fame. I’m sure this would have been a “teachable moment” had George W. Bush said the same stupid, irresponsible, insensitive remark.

Bottom line: Though this was billed as an “historical event” since no sitting US President has ever done an interview like this, it really looked stupid and reeked of desperation.

Obama, sitting there like a celebrity, and instead of talking about a new movie or album, he was talking about bowling scores and how “cool” it is to be on Air-Force One.

I don’t think it hurt him, but it certainly didn’t help.

I hope this is not what the American people want out of their presidents.

This phony, plastic veneer where people show exactly what they think it is we want: A smooth talker, photogenic, someone who fits in on the cover of tabloids and magazines.

The consummate campaigner who will always say what he thinks people will want to hear but who is willing to sell his country out to advance an underlying agenda.

Do the people in this country actually want their president to act like he just did? To do these types of things?

For God’s sake, the man just did a late night variety show!!

What’s next? Sesame Street?

We’re in the middle of what is being billed as the greatest crisis since the Great Depression, and he’s on Leno yukking it up about which dog he may get, or his college picks, or his bowling score, complete with “retard joke”.

Does anyone else feel sickened by this action? Does anyone else feel that this type of behavior lowers the sanctity of the office? Does anyone else feel that this makes all of us look bad, or “dumbed down”?

Hell, look at what just happened with the AIG bonus tax.

The “anger” from the American people does not stem from AIG, it stems from the incompetence we’ve seen from Obama and Congress when dealing with AIG.

It was pushed by Tim Geithner, a FRIGGIN’ TAX CHEAT.

I just saw Charlie Rangel on C-SPAN discussing how they are going to get the taxpayers money back from these bonuses by using the tax code.

He’s another TAX CHEAT!

“We want our money back now for the taxpayers,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.
Yeah, Nancy, “for the taxpayers”. Nice CYA on that one. Get that money back so you can spend it on more of your leftist schemes.

Dodd put the bonus provision in the stimulus bill. What did he think was going to occur?

And doesn’t this show further that the President and Congress really didn’t read and/or understand Porkulus?

It must be so much fun to play with other people’s money.

People looking in from the outside must be scratching their collective heads, wondering if we ALL have gone bat-shit crazy.

We gotta get these dopes out in 2010.

If we last that long.

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