Marine Corps Recruiting Center in Berkeley vandalized… again

Did you think that the moonbats in Berkeley would leave the Marines alone now that Code Pink has packed up and left?

Please. This is the city that took their protesting of the center to near riot levels. It’s the city where the mayor said that the Marines weren’t welcome and should leave. So we should hardly be surprised that the scum that occupies Berkeley has attacked the center yet again.

The United States Marine Corps Officer Selection Office in downtown Berkeley came under attack once again Wednesday night when a group of vandals broke the building’s windows with sledgehammers and splashed them with red paint.

Officers at the recruiting center at 64 Shattuck Square were not able to say whether the incident was related to protests taking place throughout the rest of the country on the eve of the sixth anniversary of the Iraq war.

Berkeley Police Department spokesperson Officer Andrew Frankel said the police received a call at 8:54 p.m. Wednesday from an eyewitness who reported that three suspects were breaking the Marine Corps office’s plate-glass windows and splashing them with red paint.

Eyewitnesses saw the suspects leave the scene immediately after the crime, Frankel said. Berkeley police officers combed the neighborhood for suspects and talked to eyewitnesses but were unable to find the culprits.

However, an hour later, police officers arrested a man on an unrelated warrant who they consider a “person of interest” in the incident.

… Deboard said that, according to eyewitness accounts, a group of vandals attacked the recruiting station around 8 p.m., hitting its windows with sledgehammers and “slopping gooey thick red paint on them.”

He said police arrived immediately after they were called.

“We boarded up the windows as best as we could to prevent further damage,” he said. “The landlord is in the process of cleaning them up. He is paying for it.”

Deboard said nobody was present at the office when it was vandalized.

Of course they didn’t vandalize it when the Marines were inside. They’d get their asses kicked and they know it.

Here’s a picture of the damage:

Of course, liberals support the troops. Remember that.

Quick update: it turns out that liberals in Berkeley are, indeed, gloating about the attack (HT Michelle Malkin):

At 9PM on March 18th, the eve of the 6th anniversary of the war in Iraq, a group of persons wearing masks smashed the windows and splattered red paint at the U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting Center in Berkeley, California.

The center has been the target of protests for the last 18 months, and stands as a symbol of U.S. militarism and imperialist wars. The act of property distruction stands alone as the embodyment of frustration of a people whos government does not listen to or care about them.

Police have not made any arrests but are reviewing the tape, said Sgt. Mary Kusmiss. A sledgehammer and a crowbar were found in a nearby garbage can nearby, and are being reviewing as evidence. After breaking windows and improving the Marine Corps logo at the center, the group wearing masks and dark clothing scattered in three different directions, police said.

As of the time of this posting, no one involved has been arrested. The act was easy. You and a few friends could have pulled it off any day.




I’m somehow not surprised.

Hat Tip: Right Wing News

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