Iraq, Six Years Out

March 20th will mark six years since the invasion of Iraq. It’s been a long, hard fight that the Democrats, including Barack Obama, did their best to undermine and destroy.

They failed and today Iraq is a new and functioning democracy. ABC News went back to Iraq to check on how things are going. Things are, to say the least, going very well.

Even though there were a couple years where our efforts were shockingly disorganized, rather than shrinking away and retreating as the rest of the world demanded, President Bush reorganized and ramped up our efforts. As a result, Iraq is an amazingly peaceful state. I can think of a handful of American cities that are significantly more dangerous than Iraq right now.

It’s unfortunate ABC News couldn’t give our American troops even a little credit since without them and President Bush, Iraqis still would be living under the murderous dictatorship of Saddam Hussein and his two psychopathic sons. It seems that if the media can’t give Obama any credit for the success in Iraq, it will leave America out of the equation all together, leaving their viewers with the impression Iraq has become the democracy that it is today in a vacuum and completely on its own.

Hat tip: Hot Air

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