Gibbs Says Obama Is Really, Really, Really Outraged

The White House is having a hard time managing the message today. Trying to deflect press corps questions on the AIG mess and what President Obama knew and when he knew it, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs retorted:

“I don’t think anyone on Capitol Hill should doubt the genuineness of the outrage,” Gibbs said. He added: “Barack Obama came in, and there was a new sheriff in town on executive compensation.”

Gibbs was repeatedly questioned during his daily briefing about whether Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner had informed the president of the bonuses before Monday and over whether Geithner was aware of them as he dealt with the insurance giant over the last few weeks.

Worse for President Obama and the Democrat Majority in Congress, it’s beginning to trickle out that specific authorization for the AIG bonuses was contained in the stimulus bill (Senator Chris Dodd wrote the amendment) that the President didn’t read. The same stimulus bill that Congress refused to post on the web for forty eight hours before a vote as it had promised to do.

I mentioned the other day that we may be witnessing the most cynical presidency in decades. That statement should be modified to include the current Democrat controlled Congress, which apparently has hoist itself on its own petard of crass indignation and dissembling.

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