Sideshow Bob

What a witty guy:

The White House says former Vice President Dick Cheney is the second most popular member of the “Republican cabal,” behind only talk-show host Rush Limbaugh.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs on Monday brushed off Cheney’s criticism of President Barack Obama’s new administration. Cheney said Sunday that Obama’s decisions are threatening the nation’s safety.
Obama reversed many of his predecessor’s executive orders, including how the country treats suspected terrorists.

Gibbs says Obama is keeping the nation safe and dealing with problems George W. Bush’s administration did not.

Gibbs says his sarcasm shouldn’t mask serious policy differences between Obama and the Bush-Cheney team.

Robert Gibbs may be the worst Press Secretary ever to hold the position.

Does he realize just how petty he sounds when he lowers the Office of the Presidency down to bickering about a private citizen?

Instead of trying to explain the difference between Cheney’s viewpoint on the matters invoked, he resorts to goofy comparisons between Cheney and Rush?

“Obama is keeping the nation safe”? Just how is he doing that? No more “War on Terror”? Closing Guantanamo? Affording terrorists constitutional rights? Wanting to talk with “moderate” Taliban members? Not responding to sabre rattling of Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, and Iran? And just what do we call “enemy combatants” now that you’ve eliminated that phrase from your lexicon?

These people must not be too confident in their message if they need to constantly attack the most successful talk radio personality in the history of the medium.

This boob is most unprofessional, and he doesn’t deserve the position he has been afforded.

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