The Beautiful, Horrible Decline of Detroit

I’ve written about Detroit’s decline several times before here, here, and here.

In its heyday, it was a bustling, vibrant city. Now, it’s a shell of its former self. Take a look at these images two French photographers took. As I went through them one by one, I could picture in my mind the rooms and buildings as they might have looked when they were at the height of their use. People coming and going, the din of conversation, the sounds of productivity.

John J. Miller at The Corner said it reminded him of “a movie set for a film about the post-apocalypse. Where’s Will Smith with his machine gun and his dog? Where are the zombies?” John then says “nothing lasts forever.” That’s entirely true; however, Detroit’s political leaders the past few decades didn’t enact any policies that might have encouraged rebuilding, so there it sits, desolate, lonely, and wasting away.

Ron Silver Dead at 62
Another settlement