Speaker Pelosi Tries her Hand at Comedy

You have to give Speaker Pelosi credit for challenging herself. She’s decided to try her hand at comedy, and her routine is hysterical, a real show stopper:

“There seems to — some people think there seems to be a market for saying that I am very partisan, and that I don’t give the Republicans their opportunity. That simply is not true. They know in this recovery package that we had, we ask them what they wanted. They wanted certain things in there.”

“I didn’t come here to be partisan, I didn’t come here to be bipartisan,” Pelosi said at the time. “I came here, as did my colleagues, to be nonpartisan, to work for the American people, to do what is in their interest.”

Mrs. Pelosi has gift with this comedy thing. Forget being Speaker of the House; she needs to take her act on the road. She’d be a sensation.

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