What A Guy!

I guess that hamster spinning around the wheel in Obama’s head is working overtime.

Obama just created what’s called the “White House Council for Women and Girls”. Most certainly a noble effort, which just happens to reek of political pandering.

Some highlights of his announcement:

“I sign this order not just as a president, but as a son, a grandson, a husband and a father because, growing up, I saw my mother put herself through school and follow her passion for helping others,” Obama said. “But I also saw how she struggled to raise me and my sister on her own, worrying about how she’d pay the bills and educate herself and provide for us.”

He said he signed the order to honor all the women who came before him, such as his grandmother who was a bank vice president but was denied promotions because of her gender. He said the fight for gender equality is far from over.

“I’ve seen Michelle, the rock of the Obama family, juggling work and parenting with more skill and grace than anybody that I know,” Obama said. “But I also saw how it tore at her at times, how sometimes when she was with the girls she was worrying about work, and when she was at work she was worrying about the girls. It’s a feeling that I share every day.”

Obama cited statistics to back up his case: Women earn just 78 cents for every dollar men make; 1 in 4 women still experiences domestic violence; women are 49 percent of the work force but only 3 percent of Fortune 500 chiefs.

As I said, certainly a noble effort. No coincidence that it is created during “International Women’s Month”.

I wonder, will he hold up George W.Bush as an advocate for women, considering the women of Afghanistan and Iraq are now free to pursue schooling and employment without fear of governmental punishment? Will he present him with an honorary award?

The inequalities which women in the workplace endure are unjust and need to be rectified. However, right now, the best thing he can do for women in this country is actually focus all of his domestic attention on the economy. Only with that, he and his council can keep a weather eye on issues affecting women in the work place.

His admiration for his wife, Michelle, in dealing with raising children and pursuing a career just about describes every “working family” in this country. Are the men in the lives of these families not worthy of a “council”, too?

Marriage is quite possibly the number one factor in the lives of all men and women which can determine the success of raising children and providing solid, nourishing homes for both adults and kids.

Perhaps, with his acknowledgment of his single mother’s struggles, Mr. Obama will also create a “Council for Promotion of Marriage”.

Don’t hold your breath.

In recent memory, there has been a glorification of single motherhood in this country. Men are not needed. Career is paramount. Children can be manufactured, if so desired. Or they can be aborted on demand.

Knowing Obama’s stance on abortion, both here and abroad, I’m sure the creation of this council will be celebrated around the world as another shining example of Obama’s solidarity with the pro-choice, reproductive rights crowd.

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