Put down that Mars bar

One physician in the United Kingdom is proposing a tax on chocolates.

Chocolate should be taxed like alcohol and tobacco, to help rein in a growing obesity problem, a British medical conference was told Thursday.

People generally understimate the health dangers of chocolate, family doctor David Walker told the British Medical Association conference, leading a debate on the issue.

“I believe that chocolate is a major player in obesity and obesity-related conditions. What I’m trying to get across is that chocolate is sneaking under the radar of unhealthy foods,” he said.

“I would say the government taxing chocolate would not solve the obesity crisis but it might slow the rate of increase of the obesity graph.”

Critics say the idea of taxing chocolate would simply not work.

“Introducing regressive taxes on the foods that consumers love would result only in lighter wallets, not smaller waists,” Julian Hunt of the Food and Drink Federation told the BBC.

Taxing sweets is liable to cause a revolution in Great Britain. Half the population would storm parliament.

Did you ever hear the joke. A man finds a Genie in the bottle. The Genie grants 3 wishes, after the first two are done, the man asks to made irresistible to all women. What does the Genie do?

Turn him into a giant box of chocolates.

In all seriousness, would this new tax proposal gain traction? Perhaps, because Prince Charles voiced his displeasure with McDonald’s not all that long ago. Save us from the food police.

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