Life in Florida XXII

More wild and crazy stuff from around the Sunshine State.

What will you do for a Klondike bar?- Man with ice cream in pants offers store owner $69.

Show and tell- 4-year-old brings marijuana to pre-school class.

Attention seeker- Man sets himself on fire after wife says she wants a divorce.

Hell no, I won’t glow- Nuclear plant operator says he resigned rather than do an unsafe restart.

No brain matter use either- Officer in crash wasn’t using siren, emergency lights.

If you’re 80 or older get off the road?- AARP offering driver safety courses.

He swung and missed- Belle Glade Minister and Commission candidate swings bat at woman after only getting 20% of the vote.

Off the Air- Pirate radio station that dispensed gang advice is shut down.

First stop, Tire Kingdom- Man caught driving drunk with only three tires.

All the News that's Fit to Ignore
Obama's Justice Department is Investigating Sheriff Arpaio for Enforcing Immigration Laws