Growing Number Believe Global Warming Exaggerated

When I started blogging in 2004 I would occasionally link to articles about scientists who did not believe in the global warming hysteria. Sometimes I would even comment on the topic myself. Without fail, no matter how good the scientists’ credentials or how compelling the argument, I would get a flood of comments saying how stupid I was. Global warming was settled fact, don’tcha know? It was tantamount to heresy to even dare question it. Lately I have noticed that those posts don’t draw so many angry self righteous comments anymore.

And you know what? Global warming is not global warming anymore. I guess there were just too many global warming events canceled due to record snows to stick with the name. Now it is global climate change. According to Gallup, a rising number of people believe global warming is exaggerated. I wonder how long it will be before a majority feel that way. I wonder if all those who were besmirched and branded science haters for daring to question Al Gore’s facts will ever get an apology. If science ever shows that global warming is not real, or that it has been grossly exaggerated, will those who scared and shamed so many people into switching to swirly light bulbs and purchasing carbon credits ever pay for their fear mongering? Would they ever lose their reputations? Of course not — just as those who said we had lost in Iraq, or that there was no way the surge could ever work, were never called out by the media for being so incredibly wrong. That’s just the way it works folks.

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