A sign of Apocalypse Part IV

Almost twenty years after the Cold War ended, France again wants to help protect neighbors from attack.

President Nicolas Sarkozy announced Wednesday that France intends to become a full member of NATO, 43 years after Charles de Gaulle pulled France out of the alliance’s military command and threw NATO, and American forces, out of the country.

“Because it is in her interest and because it is her choice, France will take her full place, that of an ally both free and in solidarity, independent but engaged, a country that assumes all its responsibilities, everywhere and speaking to everyone, at the service of our values and of peace,” Mr. Sarkozy said.

France is already a major contributor of money and troops to the alliance, but now it will reintegrate into NATO’s military command structure.

de Gaulle’s actions in 1966 I think were a sign of France wanting to look independent from the United States. This in part due to jealousy they had because of Great Britain’s special relationship with the US.

I don’t expect any noticeable change in US-France relations as a result of their becoming a full member again.

Hat tip- Doug at Below the Beltway who writes– “So, how soon before we surrender ?”

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