Put two and two together

Some people think I am anti-Catholic. If saying the church is corrupt, when it is, makes me Anti-catholic I plead guilty. The story I’ve told of where the Palm Beach diocese when faced with a choice of continuing the health insurance of a diocesan employee who was on hospital bedrest, or end her insurance(require she pay it, but how can she when her income is gone because she can’t work?) is very true and I got documentation to back it up what I accuse the diocese of.

Because I’m the husband of the mother in question. That’s my son in a Boynton Beach cemetery. The pastor of our church, with the backing of the human resources department of the diocese of Palm Beach, took this action. I came out swinging as you can imagine, but not before the diocese bunkered down for a whole day not answering my phone calls and then accusing me of constantly calling them. Less than a week after their first letter, the church reversed course. In between my wife was put through incredible stress. Did it help cause my wife’s medical condition to deteriorate and her to lose her son? We’ll never know, but this wasn’t the way to handle the situation.

If the pastor was worried about the money, my wife who is well loved in our parrish, there would have been no problem about doing a fundraiser. Actually that’s what happened, two prominent lay people of our parish organized it. The idiot pastor didn’t think about that possibility or the diocese(My wife has met four consecutive bishops of Palm Beach through her work including Cardinal Sean O’Malley). Or that by cutting the insurance they were causing stress for a mother and child in a delicate situation. The stress didn’t end for my wife after the quick reversal, because we never knew how successful or not the fundraiser would be. The diocese and the pastor endangered two human lives for money. Because of what happened and my son being in a cemetery , I’ll say it to the day I die. If the church has a choice between two human lives and $80 a week, they will take the money. Cause that is what happened to me, my wife, and my son. Someone try to justify what they did to us as God’s work. I’d like to hear it. The diocese’s and pastor’s behavior was sick to say the least and I’m not even telling you all of it. How about a threat of blackmail, the HR dept saying they won’t talk to me because I’m not a employee, and they not answering my simple phone call after Daniel died just to ask about making sure he was added to the insurance.

I could write volumes about what happened. This is the short story.

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