I’ve got nothin’

Hey kids! How’s everyone enjoying their first month-plus of Hope and Change? There’s just so much silliness emanating from Washington these days it’s impossible to stay on top of the latest Obamanation inflicted upon the children. They’ll be the ones cashing the checks. Not me, brother. I’m already plotting my escape to the unbridled laissez faire capitalism of the black market and underground economy.

But until then a man’s got to pay the bills. And since my new Chinese overlords are happy to have me in the office 12+ hours a day I’ve found myself less interested in the daily trials and tribulations of Team Obama. I guess that’s how the politburo controls the proletariat – keep them slaving so hard they don’t have the energy to care. The Obama, Biden, Clinton, Holder, Reid, and Pelosi circus has left me so shocked and awed I’m numb to what a trillion dollars even means anymore.

Maybe I just need more sleep. The pace and volume of my new job really has been a bit overwhelming. Thank goodness I didn’t have to coordinate the giveaways for the career fairs. I can say without hyperbole that after the last seven weeks I know what it was like to live through the siege at Stalingrad.

But it’s only just started. You know it’s going to get worse. It’s the waiting that drives you mad. Everything up to now has just been a feint. When is the real bombshell going to drop? I can’t be the only one who feels that way.

And then there’s Obama and Company’s hijinx.

Bona fide mental fatigue and Obamnesia have left me with pretty much nothing lately. Well, that, some nice spring weather, and the new NASCAR season.

Still, I did see that Obama has undone the Bush funding restrictions on embryonic stem cell research. Being a capitalist sort, I always wonder why ESC research has such a difficult time attracting private funds like other biotech companies and must rely on public money. The usual answer is that federal regulation and the threat of more regulation frightens away investors.

Which seems plausible except that there are no restrictions on ESC research – only a requirement that federal dollars are restricted to the 18 lines of cells that existed when Bush first funded ESC research. What frightens investors is, for all the talk of miracle cures just around the corner, the extremely low probability of any successful and marketable treatment using ESC in the foreseeable future. All their potential is just that for now.

An obvious follow-up is why would we want to expand government’s control of our health care system, energy production, schools, or financial system if its restrictions stifle private investment and innovation? Maybe the last person out of Detroit can tell us all the reasons why. California has always been a barometer for America. How are things going there these days?

What did I tell you? Me and Obama are like peas in a pod. Two sleep deprived guys with nothing.

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