It sure is tough being President

An excerpt from my column at Townhall today:

Being the leader of the free world is without doubt a difficult job, but no one has made it look more so than the current administration.

After less than two months in office, President Obama, the “Yes, we can” man is already “overwhelmed.”

At least that was the reason given for the shabby treatment the Obama administration gave British Prime Minister Gordon Brown when he visited last week. Not only did the President fail to provide a high profile press event for our closest ally, but he presented him with inexpensive gifts showing little thought or consideration.

The recent incident with the British prime minister is only one example of the recent problems the Obama administration has experienced in their less than two months in office. From Chuck Bloomer:

Think about this — September, October, November 2001. The US had just suffered the worst attack on our own soil, a terrorist attack killing 3000 people. The economy tanked, taking a full year to recover. President Bush ordered the attack on Afghanistan. Did you ever hear the President or any of his people complaining that Bush was “overwhelmed”, “not getting enough rest”, “surprised by the sheer volume of business that crosses his desk”? If one of you feels industrious, you can do a Google search and let me know if anything comes up. Obama’s aides are claiming all that about our new president. I wonder if they realize they are actually admitting that Obama has no clue what he doing, that he is in way over his head, that the inexperience we all talked about before he was elected is beginning to show. I have a suggestion to the new POTUS — Stop whining and get to work.

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