Escape plan

Meet Adam Hardeman

A would-be burglar is in jail after he climbed through a hole in the roof of an Atlanta liquor store and then couldn’t get back out.

Police and the owner of Azar’s Package Store found 29-year-old Adam Hardeman early Tuesday hiding in a store restroom with playing cards, lighters and a bottle of gin in his pockets.

Authorities say the man got inside by moving a rooftop air conditioner and dropping through the hole.

Once inside, he couldn’t climb back up, and burglar bars kept him from getting out windows or doors.

If you’re going to break the law, it pays to plan ahead. Which reminds me, the book written by Frederick Forsyth, The Day of the Jackal. Forsyth methodically details how the assassin plans to kill de Gaulle, but not how he intends to escape afterwards. The killer was already out of identities by the time he took aim at the French President.

Any reader who knows history know de Gaulle lives, but to make the narrative complete, Forsyth should have covered what the anonymous killer planned to do after his work was finished. A half million dollars in a Swiss bank is little use to a dead man. The same goes for cash and goods stolen from a store if you don’t have a ladder to climb out of it with.

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