Yo, Lemme Get A Hit Off That..

Not wanting to steal Bill Jempty’s “Knucklehead of the Day Award”, I find myself in a bit of a spot.

Without offending my colleague, I don’t think it would be too far a stretch to add this guy to the list:

20-year-old facing animal cruelty charges for putting cat in bong

A 20-year-old in Nebraska is facing animal cruelty charges after stuffing his kitten inside of a bong. Acea Schomaker said his cat named Shadow just needed some time to mellow out.

Shadow is recovering at an animal shelter. Sheriff deputies found the 6-month-old kitten taped inside a makeshift bong as it was being smoked. The bong is made of Plexiglas, about the size of shoebox.

Deputies were looking for 20-year-old Schomaker. He was wanted on a warrant for possession of marijuana. They found him in his home, and they say he was smoking the bong.

Schomaker told deputies the kitten was high strung. He says he put it in the bong to keep it calm.

Humane society officials did x-rays and other tests to see if the kitten has any long-term affects from the alleged abuse. Police said Schomaker told them he had done this several times. They say they are working with the sheriff’s office and the county attorney to get custody of the animal so it can be put up for adoption.

Schomaker has been released from jail after paying a $400 fine. He faces drug and misdemeanor animal cruelty charges.

Never actually having done pot before, I need to ask: Is it customary to use animals as props to get high?


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