Incompetence Personified

With Obama’s approval rating hovering around 60%, one could argue that this “honeymoon” is still going strong. But what exactly has he done to deserve this extended love affair (except that he is not George Bush)?

Some diehard supporters are still living on a diet of “hope and change”. But, as Obama and his fans have come to find out, a campaign slogan doesn’t exactly extrapolate into an ability to govern. And at that, he has become a surprising disappointment.

Obama was the Democratic heir-apparent to Bill Clinton. But where Clinton at least had the smarts and awareness to realize he needed to “use” the Republicans to advance his agenda, Obama seems not to have that desire, or more appropriately, political adeptness.

His efforts and outcomes thus far illustrate his lack of political and governmental acumen. He, through his cohorts on the hill, has effectively frozen out any possible Republican support for his agenda, which has lead to scrutiny beyond what he was prepared for.

His vetting process was a disaster, with tax cheaters, federal criminal investigations, and just plain ineptitude. He believed his charisma would outshine all potential blemishes that may have occurred during any scrutiny. This arrogance has lead to the resignations of at least 4 of his cabinet picks.

He has displayed a tackiness when dealing with foreign dignitaries, be it his pathetic reception of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, or his Secretary of State’s “magic button” with Russia (I mean, really, when you think of Russia and a press button, what exactly comes to mind?).

And most damaging of all, his handling of the economy has been an unmitigated disaster. The stock market has dropped 31% since the election. Bailing out or co-opting whole institutions, refusing to lower corporate tax rates during a recession for the sake of playing class warfare, passing spending bills which have totaled a staggering $2 trillion, and now spending a $634 billion “down payment” for nationalized health care. All of this done in a 5 week period, with money that doesn’t exist. He is bankrupting our nation while “talking down” the economy, mentally imprinting the word “crisis” into our brains.

He seems to think that holding “summits” equates leadership. These summits are really just an extension of his campaign-style town hall meetings, geared toward promoting his image and nothing else.

All of this enforces the notion that the man is not suited for the actual act of governing. His art is campaigning.

And in an attempt to divert his failures, he bandies wits with a private citizen, Rush Limbaugh, who is not only making Obama look like a fool, but is enabling him to lower the sanctity of the office at the same time.

It is all very bizarre. Embarrassing, really.

So much so, I defy anyone to proclaim his tenure to have achieved a modicum of success.

Hell, I defy anyone to deem it acceptable.

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