The Knucklehead of the Day award

The wife picked this one out.

Today’s winner is Genine Compton. She gets the award for the following

A Harrison Twp. woman caught breastfeeding and talking on the cell phone while driving near the intersection of Far Hills Avenue and Dorothy Lane has entered a plea of not guilty in the Kettering Municipal Court, according to online court records.

The plea was filed in the court on Thursday, March 5 by Attorney Joseph K. Warden on behalf of Genine Compton 39, of Elm Grove Drive.

An arraignment hearing was scheduled for Friday, March 6, but Warden requested a pre-trial date be set, according to online court records.

Compton faces a misdemeanor charge of child endangering and an unlawful child restraint misdemeanor charge.

I’m not a prude about mothers who have to breastfeed in public. What I am a stickler for, is behaving responsibly when it comes to the care of children. This mother failed abominably. A child needs to be restrained when a car is in motion. When a mother or father don’t do this, they are asking for disaster. I’ve read far too many articles where exactly that has happened. Pull the car over Genine Compton, or feed your child after you get home, in the meantime you are today’s Knucklehead of the Day.

And likely to remain that way
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