Turkey shoot

The North Koreans are talking tough again.

North Korea said Thursday it could not ensure the safety of South Korean flights over the Sea of Japan because of an upcoming joint US-South Korean military exercise.

“As we don’t know what kind of military clashes may occur due to the joint war exercise…we declare that we can no more assure the safety of South Korean passenger flights over our territory, particularly over the East Sea (Sea of Japan),” said a statement on the official Korean Central News Agency.

The DPRK is now laying claim to the whole Sea of Japan? Maybe they’ll invade those Dokdo islets and put an end to the war of words between Seoul and Tokyu.

You can dismiss the threats to commercial aircraft as just more bluster from Pyongyang, but a jet destined for South Korea was blown up by North Koreans in 1980’s. Honestly I think the North Korean regime is feeling less secure every day and that is the cause for them verbally lashing out of late. Kim Jong-il is ill, and a succession crisis is in the works. The country has food shortages that have to most certainly affect their military readiness, and there are signs of financial problems. This just be the latest.

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