Chaos Defined, Or A Perfect Plan?

What the hell is actually going in in this country?

The prospect of nationalized banks? Bailouts for people who can’t afford their mortgages? A trillion dollar spending bill which legitimizes every liberal fantasy ever hatched?

Is all this a coordinated effort to to implement a socialistic transformation of our government and welfare?

Obama’s continued degradation of our nation’s economic strengths are either a by product of idiocy, or a brilliantly dangerous plan to punish successful free enterprise.

Were all the “porky” items in the Porkulus bill really put there to divert our attention away from the numerous welfare initiatives that were injected into the bill?

Was the shear size of the Porkulus bill imposed so efforts like the $75 billion foreclosure boondoggle don’t seem so expensive and unfair?

Are the “porky” amendments in the omnibus bill put in there so that we don’t pay attention to the bulk of the spending, which has yet to be shown as “transparent”?

Is the continued slide of Wall Street a desired and orchestrated effort? A perpetual crisis aimed at keeping Americans scared so the Obama administration and the liberals in congress can keep enacting legislation to transmogrify our capitalistic institutions?

Are the attacks on Rush Limbaugh, a private citizen, made just to have someone to demonize, since George W. Bush isn’t around for them to blame the country’s maladies?

Are all of these just “distractions” which have popped up during their time since elected, or have they all been concocted to keep the conscience of America off the real issues that they are attempting to advance?

Are they really that crafty, or do they just have absolutely no idea of how to operate a government?

Either way, it’s a scary situation.

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