A Sad Commentary

News coverage of US military deaths has been almost non-existent since the election. So much so that I, personally, didn’t think there were any.

Prior to the election, US military deaths from Iraq and the Middle East often lead the newscasts, usually with a running tally of total US deaths since the beginning of the Iraq War.

Amazing the difference an election makes.

Out of reverence for our fallen heros, here is a list of those who sacrificed their lives just before and in February of this year. It is a shame they haven’t gotten the same honor of recognition from the news media that others have.

(Please go to the linked page to find out a little something about who these soldiers were.)

Army Cpl. Micheal B. Alleman
Army Staff Sgt. Mark C. Baum
Army Spc. Brian M. Connelly
Army Staff Sgt. Sean D. Diamond
Army Lt. Col. Garnet R. Derby
Army 1st Lt. William E. Emmert
Army Spc. Darrell L. Fernandez
Army Pfc. Albert R. Jex
Army Chief Warrant Officer Matthew G. Kelley
Army Cpl. Michael L. Mayne
Army Cpl. Zachary R. Nordmeyer
Army Pfc. Jonathan R. Roberge
Army Spc. Christopher P. Sweet
Army Cpl. Stephen S. Thompson
Army Chief Warrant Officer Benjamin H. Todd
Army Pfc. Cwislyn K. Walter
Army Sgt. Joshua A. Ward
Army Chief Warrant Officer Philip E. Windorski Jr

May you all rest in peace in the loving arms of God and his angels.

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