When should “the last word” actually be the banner headline?

Answer: When a Politico writer ends his piece on “Obama’s Budget Gamble” with this doozy:

“Even if we’re busting the budget, we’ve got to solve some of these problems,” said a member of his inner circle. “I’d rather live with a debt than have people go without health care.”

Mickey Kaus (whom I like more and more) snarks:

Aha. … And here I almost believed Obama’s health care plans were all about lowering costs and getting the budget under control.

Republicans, if you are looking for a smoking gun, a “gotcha” quote, a sound bite that perfectly illustrates what we will be in for during the next eight years, here it is.

Budget-busting government spending, prolonged recession, high inflation (as a result of our massive debt load) which combined with pitifully low interest rates will wipe out virtually all of the weak investment gains of the next five years, rising unemployment, massive new tax increases (because when the first one comes up short, more are sure to follow), massive government control of our health care system, and the possibility of free speech over the airwaves or through the Internet being severely limited. Welcome to the Kingdom of Obama.

(h/t Instapundit)

ADDED: (chucking …) Okay, OKAY “…next FOUR years…” My bad. Thanks, commenters.

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