How Rush Limbaugh Saved Me

I haven’t always been a staunch Conservative. Time was, long ago, I was as liberal as one could be. Around twenty, in college, asking in noble wonderment why people just couldn’t live their lives the way in which they deemed acceptable: Gay, straight, dependent on government, God-fearing or not. None of it really mattered to me. And that is the crux of liberalism. Nothing really should matter to the individual except what they want, and what the government can provide for them. People should be allowed to conduct themselves in ways they deem important to themselves, where no real societal mores exist, and government should be there just to help people live the way they want, no strings attached.

I’ll admit, I used to look down on the military. Wondered why we should use it or anything else but defense. Used to think Republicans were all about the rich, or here to shove God down our throats.

All that time, I was probably 18 or 19. I worked in a retail department, mostly in the back, prepping and stocking items. My boss, who is still one of my 2 best friends, was an unabashed Republican. A God-fearing man who held to and believed in true conservative principles. Though he helped me to think and see things in a different way, the biggest influence on my proper way of thinking was Rush Limbaugh.

Every day at 12:00 pm, my friend would put Rush on. And honestly, for a few months, I couldn’t stand him. It was more or less boring noise in the background. But, eventually, I started listening to what it was that he was saying. And I’d never heard things explained in such an intelligent, clear-cut manner. After getting past his sometimes abrasive style, which I now admire and see it for the entertainment value that it is, I really started to absorb what he was saying instead of how he was saying it.

Long story short, I became a convert. Not just to his ideology, but to his way of looking deeper into things, that issues of the day were framed the way in which the media wanted it packaged and delivered to the masses.

Rush was entertaining, enlightening, interesting, and above all, right in his judgments of the liberal elite.

The left can demonize him all they like, but, truth is truth, and they hate him for it.

So lower your liberal armor, give the man a chance,and actually listen to what he has to offer, instead of hearing versions of his thoughts filtered through liberal screens.

Maybe you’ll learn something.

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