Micheal Steele’s Inauspicious Leadership

Michael Steele’s charge of successfully operating as an effective leader of Conservatism just took a step backward with his admonishing of Rush Limbaugh..

Steel, in response to Limbaugh’s address to CPAC, has branded Rush as more of a “performer” than a GOP leader. He further insisted that his brand of discourse is “incendiary” and “ugly”.

Way to alienate 22 million people you need to help establish a Conservative comeback, Mike!

Rush is successful because he plants the seeds of true Conservatism during a time when Conservatism is essentially on the outside looking in. Steele should be embracing this bulwark of Conservative thinking, and amalgamating it into his own message. Instead he shuns it because it comes from an “entertainer”. I don’t care if you deem the man to be an “entertainer” or a donut salesman. Right is Right.

Really, Michael Steele is nothing more than an entertainer or saleman himself. He’s trying to sell a brand of Conservatism which is no more than liberal-lite. If I hear him say in answer to another question, “Aw, I’m ready baby”, I think I’ll puke.

Get serious Micheal. Stop putting down people who you should be trying to enlist as allies..

You might just win over 22 million ditto-heads.

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