He’s two for two

Hugh Hewitt has written two of the funniest things I’ve read in a while. First-

Rush eschews “leadership.” He doesn’t tell people who to vote for or where to show up and march.

Limbaugh isn’t telling listeners to vote Republican. Yes, and I’m not passing judgment when giving out Knucklehead awards.

Here’s laugh #2

And Rush is authentic. And deeply appreciated as a result. Long may he prosper.

He may be authentic sometimes, but I agree with Doug from Below the Beltway who calls Limbaugh “an entertainer whose job it is to maximize ratings for his network and it’s advertisers. To the extent he does that by making controversial political statements that cause people to tune in to hear what he’s going to say next, he succeeds.” Dr. Taylor at Poliblog concurs. An overdose of blind ideology has caused that Harvard and University of Michigan educated brain of Hugh Hewitt’s to malfunction. It isn’t the first time.

Counting to ten before someone comments I belong at Wizbang Blue again. Ten…..Nine…..

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