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Since I’m blogging breast related stories, I thought I’d pass this news along.

The conventional wisdom that bras help shape the breasts only applies during the growth period. Wearing bra all day does not lift drooping breasts, nor does not wearing one make them sag. There are no scientific grounds for the widespread belief that wearing a bra changes the shape of breasts.

“A bra can assist in shaping the breasts until the age of 17, when women still grow, but after that physical pressure has no influence on the shape of breasts any more,” a plastic surgeon who runs a clinic in Seoul’s Gangnam said. “The shape of breasts depends on genetic elements, hormone levels, age, severe weight loss, and the number of children borne.”

Should South Korean women listen to advice from a healthcare provider who makes part of his living trying to make female breasts more attractive? He or she could be just be lending their expertise except the article couldn’t even name the physician.

Female Wizbang readers feel free to enlighten me on the benefits of a bra wearing. I make a bet no other contributor ever used that line before.

Hat tip- Robert Koehler at Marmot’s Hole

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