Fake, fake

Abuse of narcotics make people do the darndest things.

A Johnson City man has been arrested after police said he used counterfeit money to purchase fake OxyContin pills from an undercover officer.

Unicoi County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 21-year-old Kyle Kochelek on Tuesday and charged him with criminal conspiracy with schedule II drugs, forgery and criminal simulation.

Investigator Frank Rogers said the officer met with several people at a mobile home park and arranged for Kochelek and another man to come to Unicoi to buy 76 OxyContin pills for $4,875.

Officers say it was “obviously bad money” with some bills printed on just one side.

Authorities also tracked down the device believed used to make the counterfeit money.

Just classic. The time he will spend in jail won’t be fake.

I’d give Mr. Kochelek the Knucklehead award, but I got bigger fish to fry. Try here, here, and here. There is also this mixup by a major media organization. So many knuckleheads, so little time.

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